I make digital games and interactive art about bodies, relationships, and emotions. At its best, I see play as a utopian project that contains a critique of the present and the seeds of potential futures. My games are directed towards non-traditional game audiences, inviting interaction and play with the goal of challenging players’ preconceptions and experiences more so than their reflexes or logic.

May 2015

Delivers what it promises.

Featured on Offworld, Polygon, Kill Screen, and Gamerwife.

May 2015

Not really a game. Rather, the story of a game that was not meant to be.

April 2015

A project about exploring your surroundings at your own pace. Composed of a web-based game and a manual providing details on the world. Produced with Joni Kittaka as Kikopa Games.

Featured on Offworld.

February 2015

A decreational game inspired by the works of Simone Weil.

Featured on GayGamer.

October 2014

Reach through the ether to comfort a little person in distress.

September 2014

You slept in and your date's gonna be here any minute. Pull it together, babe.

August 2014

A ritual to recall strength and resilience in the face of overwhelming oppressions. Dedicated to Leigh Alexander.

Translated to Spanish by David T. Marchand

July 2014

Super brief textual piece about consent as an affirmative process and celebrating 'no.'

June 2014

A game for when you feel like you want to crawl into a cave on an alien planet and hide and sleep, inspired in part by Super Metroid. Explore procedurally generated quiet spacecaves and lay face down in a calm zone made just for you.

Use arrow keys and headphones (try pressing up in the air and down on the ground).

Random tilemap generator by Minor, Abandonauts assets by ADAMATOMIC.

Image by Isz Janeway

June 2014

A two-player action game by me and anna anthropy, inspired by Star Control and about a breakup in space.

Play as jilted lovers MIND WOLF and COOL BUG and prove who's angrier in one of three cosmic showdowns.

Available now for $5 at itch.io.

Soundtrack by Connor Sherlock available on Bandcamp.

Featured on Dork Shelf, Kill Screen, and The Verge.

March 2014

Thanks to science, we can now convey to you the experience of being another person. How wonderful! Please step up to the EMPATHY MACHINE.

January 2014

You are a cat! What will you do? Where will you go? What kinds of weird things will you lick? Only you can decide!

Made during the Naked Twine Jam.

November 2013

Unfolding bodies / poems. More of an experimental digital comic than anything.

October 2013

It's about hurting someone who wants it.

It’s also the first game I’ve sold — you can get it for as little as $2 on Gumroad or itch.io.

You can read more about my motivations in making the game in this piece by Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku, and in this interview I did with Leigh Alexander for Gamasutra. CTS has also been featured at The New Inquiry and the New York Times.

August 2013

Possibly the most personal game I have ever made. It's about violence and healing. There's a second game here but you'll have to do some work to find it. Made in Twine.

June 2013

A fluoro-pink queer urban hugging simulator, inspired by zak ayles‘ PUNKSNOTDEAD and Aevee Bee‘s “Towards a Cutie Aesthetic” and dedicated to the latter. “Hold Me Tight” by SCRAPS/Laura Hill (buy her music please).

Testing and feedback by anna anthropy, Aevee Bee, Matthew Burns, sloane, Porpentine, andi mcc, Jetta Robertson, Connor Sherlock & Nathan Weizenbaum. Featured on IndieGames.com, Indie Statik, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and The Guardian.

May 2013

A game where you play as my mom. I talked a little about it in this interview for The Border House.

Featured on The Average Gamer and Indie Statik. You can also read some very nice tweets analyzing the game by critic John Brindle.

April 2013

I had initially planned on making a dating game where the player took on the role of a sentient (but silent and immobile) gun in a first-person shooter for the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam. I got tired of the idea a few hours in and around 2 AM decided that it was really important that I write a poem about some first dates I’d been on over the past few years. The next day I plugged them into Twine, using Leon Arnott’s replace macro to allow the player to read each piece at their own pace (and end each date earlier than I did, if they so choose), and the result is this.

March 2013

A cephalopod wealth accumulation sim for two players. Maybe it's also about relationships? Mostly broken but kind of fun. An attempt to create a two-player cactus block.

Image by Daniel Carneiro.

February 2013

A Twine love note / sex edutainment piece about a sex act called muffing. Made for my lover Tobi, and inspired by Mira Bellwether’s Fucking Trans Women #0

January 2013

You are a magical girl and are there are two hours until the end of the world! Will you be able to rescue your teammates and banish the forces of evil? An interactive fiction/board game inspired by Arkham Horror and childhood memories of Sailor Moon. Title image by Maddox Pratt, additional art by Emily Carroll. Soundtrack: The Gits, Team Dresch, Sleater-Kinney.

There are five endings, but the game is pretty linear and there isn’t much new to do on subsequent playthroughs. If you want to see the other endings, you can use the secret ending select mode.

December 2012

A game I put together in a few hours on New Year’s Eve for friends to play at a party I was unable to attend.

You can read an objective review of the game at Objective Game Reviews.

Image by Sophia Foster-Dimino.

October 2012

A real-time performance game you can play along with me everyday. This game has at times been broken by changes in my HRT intake method and schedule, but as of March 2014 is currently more or less accurate. First played October 22, 2012, with 3 known simultaneous participants.

image by trichybees.

October 2012

A game about survival for two players.

Image by Rory Morris.

September 2012

You're a princess. But there are like, other princesses? You're probably going to have to fight them if you want to be the princess queen.

Made in two hours in Construct 2 for Klik of the Month. All art taken from the Open Clipart Library.


August 2012

"There seems to be no agent more effective than another person in bringing a world for oneself alive, or, by a glance, a gesture, or a remark, shriveling up the reality in which one is lodged." – Erving Goffman

Developed in Construct 2, sounds generated in SFXR.

Featured at 1UP, The Border House, The Gameological Society, Rock, Paper Shotgun, Anna Anthropy’s Top Indie Games of 2012 (IndieGames.com), and Terry Cavanagh’s Top 10 of 2012 (Free Indie Games).

Image by Tobi Hill-Meyer.

July 2012

A game about feminist fear and hatred of trans women, made in Construct 2. Inspired in part by anna anthropy's Transgression!