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A. eyes you hungrily as you enter her makeshift room.\n\n"Want me to stomp on you a bit?" she asks\n\n*[[Please|Stomp]]\n*[[Not now|Cabin 2]]
<html>\n<p id="ending">\nTHE END<br></br>\n<img src=""></img><br></br>\nThanks for playing!\n</p>\n</html>
You push up seatback table, squeeze out of seat past other passenger, head to bathroom.\n\n*[[Enter|Enter]]
Plane lands in South City\n\nJ., K., and M. came aboard!\n\n*[[Greet|Greet]]
Shift back and forth in seat, can't get comfy.\n\nPlane taking off now.\n\n*[[Wait|Wait]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $crew = 1>>\n<<set $fuel = 100>>\n<<endsilently>>\n<html>\n<h2>Queer Pirate Plane</h2>\n</html>\n\n*[[Start Game|Shuffle]]\n*[[Credits|Credits]]
Tarmac ground outside, dark out. People pushing cart.\n\n*[[Back|Seat]]
Still a regular plane\n\nDon't have any weapons on board\n\n*[[Oh|Oops]]
<html>\n<p id="planetalk">:(</p>\n</html>\n*[[Goto cabin|Run]]
The plane admits that yr pretty rad...\n\nYou gained plane's trust!\n\n*[[Rad|Rad]]
Plane appears to be deep in thought\n\n*[[Okay|Purity acknowledged]]
Big talons crush sky enemies, beak stabs them, explosions everywhere\n\n*[[Victory|Victory]]
Just a lot of empty seats\n\n*[[Return|Cockpit]]
Weird Megabird regained all HP!\n\nWeird Megabird is no longer sad!\n\n*[[Destroy all fuckers|Destroy]]
<<if $crew eq 1>>\n<<display "Cabin 0">>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $crew eq 3>>\n<<display "Cabin 1">>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $crew eq 4>>\n<<display "Cabin 2">>\n<<endif>>
<html>\n<p id="planetalk">"HEY WHAT'S UP"</p>\n</html>\n*[[Not much you|Not much]]
Dig fingers into armrests, mumble mantra under breath.\n\nPassenger next to you looking and wondering what the deal is with this stressed-out babe.\n\n*[[What now|What now]]
Plane's voice echoes in yr mind, majestic sweeping tones.\n\n*[[Listen|Listen]]\n\n
Back in seat now, tapping fingers on armrests.\n\n*[[Use planeomancy to commune with plane|Commune]]
Yr a totally relaxed babe even as yr rocketing up into the sky in metal tube.\n\nOther passengers impressed by yr laid-back style.\n\n*[[What now|What now]]
You turn off the radar. Why did you do that\n\n*[[Turn it back on and engage|Engage]]
Drink cart coming by.\n\n*[[Get soda|Drink]]\n*[[Get coffee|Drink]]\n*[[Use planeomancy to commune with plane|Commune]]
You get drink, tastes good.\n\nGotta pee now though.\n\n*[[Get up|Get up]]
Weird Megabird gained a bunch of XP\n\nAll pals further bonded as a result of near-death experience\n\n*[[Fly away|Fly]]
Yr in the cockpit. What do you want to do?\n\n*[[Status report|Status]]\n*[[Collect pals|Collect pals]]\n*[[Return to cabin|Cabin]]
<html>By <a href="">merritt kopas</a><br></br>\nrandomp macro by <a href="">Emmanuel Turner</a><br></br>\nTitle by <a href="">Porpentine</a><br></br>\nEnding image by <a href="">anna anthropy</a><br></br>\n</html>\n*[[Back|Start]]
Everyone wishes with all their hearts for the plane to make a speedy recovery\n\n*[[...what?|Change]]
A. kicks you around a little.\n\nYr status is now: totally stomped\n\n*[[Return|Cabin 2]]
Well you live inside this weird giant psychic bird now with all yr friends, how do you feel about that?\n\n*[[Cool|Cool]]\n*[[Uncool|Uncool]]
Plane appears to be deep in thought\n\n*[[Well|Radness confirmed]]
Queer Pirate Plane
It's just a normal plane\n\n*[[Back|Uh]]
Well you did steal a plane\n\nJust saying\n\n*[[Evade|Evade]]\n*[[Engage|Engage]]
The plane transformed into a weird bird\n\n*[[Whoa|Whoa]]
Well we're in the air now and going up, yr ears hurt a lot from pressure.\n\n*[[Grip armrests|Grip]]\n*[[Relax|Relax]]
Plane comes in for bumpy landing in East City.\n\nN. came aboard!\n\n*[[Cool|Uh]]
Fuel: <<print $fuel>>\nCrew: <<print $crew>>\nPlane mood: <<randomp 10 "chirpy" 10 "disgruntled" 10 "aroused" 10 "fragrant" 10 "happy" 10 "anxious" 10 "melancholic" 10 "optimistic" 10 "totally psyched" 10 "drunk">>\n\n[[Back|Cockpit]]
The plane recognizes yr pure heart...\n\nYou gained plane's trust!\n\n*[[Rad|Rad]]
Plane lands in West City.\n\nA. and P. came aboard!\n\n*[[Excellent|Excellent]]
Check out self in mirror.\n\nYr lookin' good. Cool.\n\n*[[Return|Return]]
A. approaches, gives you eyepatch for picking her up.\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $crew = $crew + 2>>\n<<set $fuel = $fuel - 10>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n*[[Thanks|Thanks]]
<html>\n<p id="planetalk">"WHY SHOULD I"</p>\n</html>\n*[[Have pure heart|Pure heart]]\n*[[Am totally rad|Totally rad]]
No time for formalities \n\nEnemies are back in pursuit\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $crew = $crew + 3>>\n<<set $fuel = $fuel - 10>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n*[[Why|Why]]
You approach door and peek in, looks like P. and N. are cuddling.\n\n*[[Leave them alone|Cabin 2]]
"Lezbipirates together." You say. It was pretty funny in yr head, you guess. \n\nP. giggles.\n\n*[[Return|Cockpit]]
P.'s room, lots of weird stuff everwhere.\n\nP. isn't here right now.\n\n*[[Return|Cabin 2]]
<html>\n<p id="planetalk">:'(</p>\n</html>\n*[[Wish|Wish]]
Back in air but scanners detect multiple incoming hostiles\n\n*[[Omega cannon|Omega]]\n*[[Flee|Flee]]\n\n
Sit down on toilet, peeing. Don't gotta worry about anything in a plane bathroom.\n\n*[[Done|Done]]
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You communicate psychic instructions to the plane for evasive maneuvers but there are blips all over the radar, escape seems impossible\n\n*[[Engage enemy|Engage]]\n*[[Turn off radar|No radar]]
Well the plane landed and passengers disembarked, plane is ready to go.\n\n*[[Head to cockpit|Cockpit]]
Plane is looking pretty sick back here\n\nPals running around trying to fix things\n\nIt's a bad situation\n\n*[[Hang in there|Encourage]]
Shuffle onto plane, full of passengers and bags everywhere.\n\n*[[Find seat|Seat]]
A. and P. are here hanging out, looking bored.\n\n*[[Chat|Chat]]\n*[[Back|Cockpit]]
A., N., and P. are all hanging out here. They pulled out some of the seats and set up lil' rooms with their stuff in them.\n\n*[[Visit A.|A]]\n*[[Visit N.|N]]\n*[[Visit P.|P]]\n*[[Return|Cockpit]]
Yr psychic link to the plane allows you to effect a narrow escape from yr pursuers.\n\n*[[Wipe sweat off brow|Cockpit]]\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $crew = $crew + 1>>\n<<set $fuel = $fuel - 10>>\n<<endsilently>>
#planetalk{font-style:italic;font-size:200%;}\n.title{visibility:hidden;}\n.toolbar a{visibility:hidden;}\n.body{border: 5px ridge white; background-color:black; color:white; font-size:24px; font-family: 'VT323', cursive; !important}\n.passage{background-color:black;}\nhtml{background-color:black;}\nh1{visibility:hidden;}\nh2{color:white; font-family: 'VT323', cursive;}\na:link{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na:visited{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na:hover{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na:active{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na:link{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na.internalLink{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na.internalLink:visited{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na.internalLink:hover{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\na.internalLink:active{color:white;text-decoration:none; !important}\n#ending{text-align: center;}\n\n\n\n
You entreat the plane to pull through\n\nShields at 50% and falling\n\n*[[Ugh|Ugh]]
Sitting down in seat, very relaxing.\n\nTV on seatback in front of you showing latest episodes of popular sitcom.\n\n*[[Look out window|Window]]\n*[[Go to sleep|Sleep]]
<<if $crew eq 1>>\n<<display "Collect pals 1">>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $crew eq 3>>\n<<display "Collect pals 2">>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $crew eq 4>>\n<<display "Collect pals 3">>\n<<endif>>\n
You close eyes, try to sleep before takeoff.\n\n*[[Can't sleep|Can't sleep]]
You equip eyepatch.\n\n+5 Rad\n+3 Hot\n\nA. and P. get settled in.\n\n*[[Return to cockpit|Cockpit]]
P. says she likes yr eyepatch, makes you look hella cute.\n\n*[[Flirt|Flirt]]\n*[[Back|Cockpit]]
Together you form a band of pirates that all live inside this weird bird, adding to yr crew and becoming the most notorious skyqueers ever, feared by yr enemies and loved by yr friends\n\n*[[Yes|End]]
<html>\n<p id="planetalk">"SO WHAT DO YOU WANT ANYWAY"</p>\n</html>\n*[[Go on adventures|Adventures]]
Enemy fire blasts into hull, plane seems upset\n\n*[[Listen|Sad plane]]