Monday August 13: Seeker Post: Cyber bullying

During class discussion today there were many important points brought up in regards to the internet and the negative and positive effects that come from it. One of the things that touched upon is cyber bullying. I feel that this is an extremely important topic that has gotten much attention as the internet becomes more and more popular for teens and younger children.

As was mentioned in class, the internet is a place where anyone can be who they want to be. It’s a place where people can say things without their identity being revealed or without any consequences. As I was looking for more information on cyber bullying I came across the story of Megan Meir. I remember hearing about this young girl when I was in middle school which was roughly 6 years ago. The video I linked is the story of a thirteen year old girl who was a victim to cyber bullying. The story of Megan is one of many examples of children and young teens that are bullied and decide to take matters in their own hands. In Megan`s case she was bullied by a boy named Josh Evans whom she had not met in real life. Everything started with him complementing her on her looks and escalated one day as Josh began to write mean messages calling Megan countless names. As a result of the bullying Megan hung herself inside of her closet and was pronounced dead a couple days later. The surprising part of this case is that the cyber bully Josh Evans, was really the mom of a teenage girl who lived in the same block as Megan Meier. She claimed that the account was made simply to protect her own daughter. It is unfortunate that parents lend themselves to cyber bullying without measuring the consequences.

The second link I listed is an article that talks about the results of a survey which show that girls are more likely to cyber bully. Boys typically tend to be more physical and they settle problems in person while girls use media sites and cell phones to humiliate each other. The concern is that this kind of behavior is escalating. It is very surprising that many parents don’t even know that their child is being bullied. This article reminded me of the movie Mean Girls. This movie is a good example of how conniving girls can be. The same behavior talked about in this article and seen in this movie seems to be intensifying as the internet becomes more and more widely used.

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  1. Sandy says:

    A couple days ago, I watched a movie that was made specifically for cyberbullying. In it, a young teenage girl becomes the victim of cyberbullying after someone hacked her profile on a social networking page, impersonated her, and wrote something obscene. It eventually got out of control as people began to call her names and make claims about her and it got to the point where she was on the verge of committing suicide, only to be stopped seconds before she could do it by her best friend.

    While I was watching this movie, I had many thoughts running through my mind like, “why does she continue to read those comments,” or “it would be so easy just to get rid of it all and end it right there.” But as the movie progressed, I sympathized with the main character and realized, it is easier said than done. Although nothing said about her was true, it was still affecting her life as she lost friends, who did not want to associate with her for all the negative attention she was receiving.

    Then I put myself in her shoes. What would I think if people were calling me derogatory names, making insulting videos about me, spreading false rumors, and harassing me whenever I went. The worst thing was that I wouldn’t be able to run from it, especially at that age, where school was part of my daily life, and when I went home, I was on the internet. There would be no hiding from it and it would only get worse as people continued to insult me, even when they knew nothing about me, who I was, what kind of person I was, etc. I could really understand how hurtful it was and how hard it would be to deal with, especially when the people around you who you trusted most, began to leave you when you needed them most.

    Cyberbullying, although seems trivial, is probably one of the most cruel and harmful things that can be done on the internet. We are lucky that today, there have been several states in which have laws prohibiting cyberbullying, including Washington state.

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