merritt kopas

“merritt kopas’ shrewd designs don’t simply comment provocatively on the form in which she works -- they’re bold, open and fearless expressions of herself. She generously offers the latter to attain the former; though she often works with complex, vulnerable subject matter, her work is willing to allow audiences emotional intimacy with her in order to create spaces for thought on things that matter broadly.”

Leigh Alexander // Gamasutra

"For ages we've been hearing calls for diversity in game making and criticism. Most of these calls only echoed in the windowless, neon-lit conference rooms of academia. As mutant practitioner-theorist, merritt manages to contaminate the living gaming discourse, emerging as a powerful and yet nuanced voice in the indie movement. Her contribution goes way beyond advocating for the mere representation of minorities in games, it's an injection of poetry and pragmatic witchcraft in a conversation dominated by complacent bullet-points and sales data."

Paolo Pedercini // Molleindustria

“I'm a total Twine neophyte and I don't like nerds, but I love [Videogames for Humans]. The games—as played by authors—turn tangential, nostalgic, and thinky, but never boring, and the reader is filled with surprises and vicarious aches. The whole experience is like a Choose Your Own Adventure-Land for Adults. Merritt is wickedly wise, and it's a pleasure to gain from her gamesmanship."

Sarah Nicole Prickett // Adult Magazine